Bryggen is moving fast forward

The shopping center in Vejle is experiencing solid growth, involving many new stores and growth in both turnover and number of visitors.

After the record year 2015, when the number of visitors in Bryggen in Vejle reached 3.2 mill. People, growth still show positive signs this year. Customers have put the evolving doors in constant rotation and revenue increases.
Behind the success is not only the center’s solid retail mix; it is also due to many new storeopenings in recent months.
“It is always difficult to follow up on a record, but right now it seems we are going in a very positive direction and that the progress is continuing. This gives us a solid foundation and positive hope for the future,” says Center Manager Claus Brændgaard.

B.Young and Blend

With the opening in August of the two popular stores B.Young and Blend both the young women and men in Bryggen has got two exciting new brands that cannot be found elsewhere in the city.
B.Young target young fashionconscious women who appreciate a feminine, active, energetic and natural style. And Blend is for younger, active men shopping for raw denim and authentic styles.
The openings also mark the beginning of a new era for the two brands. They were recently bought by DK Company after years under a different owner. The new owner is anchored in Vejle, but has greater ambitions. The aim for the two brands is to turn them into new fashionchains. Therefore ‘a good start in Bryggen will bring us a long way,’ as Klaus Bach Jensen, international retail and franchise director in DK Company, said earlier this year.
In the case of Blend the new store in Bryggen is the first in a new generation of shops and is completely redesigned. In the case of B-Young the new store in Bryggen is number three in Denmark.
The two concepts have each been given their own signature design bearing in mind who the customers are. But in both cases the idea is for the customers to experience a clear link between quality and price, and getting value-for-money.


Denmark’s largest independent chain store selling covers and accessories for Apple as well as repairing smartphones and tablets is now opened in Bryggen.
Here in WeCoverYou the key words are quality and service but also availability and a broad selection. All the store’s products are carefully selected and tested by the employees. And because WeCoverYou imports all products itself, it is able to offer some of the industry’s best prices and benefits.
The line of products is constantly expanding to cover most needs and follow the latest trends.
Behind WeCoverYou is Johnny Nielsen who startet the chain 2001.

October 13 2016

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